How to stream NFL football games

Tampa Bucs cheerleadersIt used to be a real pain to stream NFL football games. Now, it’s easier than ever, but there are still some problems to avoid to make sure you’ll get to enjoy your game instead of wanting to throw your TV on the street.

These days most of the services will work with any streaming device. Many, however, aren’t all. Before putting your money down for any streaming service, make sure it will work with your device of choice.

The prices of streaming services vary wildly depending on how you subscribe to them. Be sure to shop around. If you don’t, you can waste a lot of money. But, if you do you can find some real deals.

This year, we’re scheduled to have 256 regular-season games. Of those, 232 of those games will be aired on CBS, FOX, or NBC broadcast networks. With an antenna, most of us will be able to watch these Over-The-Air (OTA) games for free.

That leaves …

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