Professional Bettor Hates the Idea of Legalized Sports Wagering

“Being a professional sports bettor is a lot more than just picking winners. It’s about getting action down with casinos that actively go out of their way to deny your bets or ban you from the sportsbook entirely. It’s about getting five figures on a game and not moving the line. It’s about finding an edge and pushing that edge hard enough that you make a great living but not hard enough that the sportsbooks figure out where they are screwing up.

All of that might sound easy — and to a certain extent it is in Vegas, where there are so many casinos and gamblers that it’s easy to stay anonymous — but it takes time and plenty of patience. And it has gotten harder in Vegas.

The number of sportsbooks here that offer mobile apps has basically tripled. And while my bet sizes have quadrupled, my edge has decreased. It’s well documented that …”

Read the full ESPN story about his view of Legalized Sports Wagering

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