The 10 Teams to Follow Heading into March Madness

With March Madness not kicking off until March 19th, the landscape of top contenders can shift significantly in the coming weeks. Teams might face key injuries, upset losses, or unexpected hot  or cold streaks that dramatically impact their rankings.

However, based on current standings and expert predictions, here’s a sneak peek at some of the premier college hoops teams generating buzz heading into March:

Top Teams to Watch:

  1. Houston Cougars: The best team in the Big 12 boasts an impressive record and a well-rounded roster, making them a serious threat to repeat.
  2. Purdue Boilermakers: Led by the dominant 7 foot center Zach Edy, Purdue is a formidable force on both sides of the court.
  3. Arizona Wildcats: A talented squad with a strong inside-out attack, Arizona has the potential to make a deep run.
  4. UConn Huskies: A perennial powerhouse, UConn is back with a vengeance and seeking to recapture their championship glory. They just rebounded from their loss at Creighton and took it out on an overmatched Villanova team.
  5. Alabama Crimson Tide: Boasting offensive firepower and improving defense, Bama could be a sleeper contender.
  6. Tennessee Volunteers: Led by the dynamic Rick Barnes, Tennessee is a well-coached team with a balanced attack. This is a dark horse that is about 14-1 in the future books.
  7. Auburn Tigers: Another SEC contender, Auburn has the talent and experience to challenge for the title.
  8. Iowa State Cyclones: A deep and versatile team, Iowa State is always dangerous in the tournament.
  9. Creighton Bluejays: Led by the sharpshooting Ryan Hawkins, Creighton is a threat to any opponent.
  10. North Carolina Tar Heels: A young but talented team, North Carolina is peaking at the right time and could make a surprise run.

Predicting the Champion:

While it’s impossible to say definitively who will win the championship, Uconn, Houston, and Purdue are considered frontrunners based on their current form and overall talent. However, March Madness is known for its upsets and unpredictability. Any of the teams mentioned above, or even one not currently on the radar, could emerge as champions.

Remember, this is just a snapshot in time before the real action begins. Be sure to follow the remaining regular season games, conference tournaments, and Selection Sunday to get a clearer picture of who might be cutting down the nets in April!

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