30 NFL draft hopefuls showed off skills at a virtual pro day

It was the culmination of countless hours the players had spent training and preparing, both physically and mentally, for their actual pro days that ended up being canceled. None of the players at TEST’s virtual pro day attended the NFL combine so this was their best shot to show what they can do.

“I spent 12 weeks at TEST with 5-6 hours of work a day,” said Griffin Clancy, an offensive lineman from University at Albany. “We were very close to getting our opportunity eliminated because of COVID-19.”

But Kevin Dunn, founder and CEO of TEST Sports Clubs, and Geir Gudmundsen, the director of football operations, weren’t going to let that happen. They quickly organized the event in anticipation of a nationwide lockdown that forced sports to shut down.

“We just huddled up on Friday the 13th to figure it out,” Dunn said. “We had to do something for these guys.”

Dunn and Gudmundsen decided to turn their typical, mock pro days into a live event streamed online on Facebook. Players gathered at the facility on March 16 and performed various drills — 40-yard dash, shuttle, three-cone — for four hours. The video has more than 8,500 views.

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