Are You Planning a Trip to Del Mar?

by Lance Wislow

If you’ve never been to a horse race, then you haven’t experienced all there is to see in this world when it comes to the equestrian community. Horse racing is a sport like no other, as these powerful animals show off their speed and agility out of the gates and around the track. Horse racing is fun to watch and exciting to bet on, even if you are only putting forth a couple of dollars for the entertainment value.

Sure, there are serious horse race betters, but there are just as many folks betting on the prettiest horse, or the horse with the coolest name. From the voice of the announcer to the excitement in the stands the Del Mar Race Track stands out as one of the most awesome tracks in California, and home to some of the top riders (jockeys) and best West Coast Horses.

To really enjoy horse racing, I would recommend that you spend a few days getting acquainted with it all. It is fun to learn of the history of horse racing and the Del Mar Race Track has lots of history, it’s been around for a long time. One way to spend several days at the track, and enjoying the nice restaurants, tours, and fun is to get a local Del Mar Rental timeshare or condo rental, and thus, be in walking distance to the Del Mar Race Track itself.

The track is near San Diego CA in case you are not familiar with the area. It is close by to La Jolla, Carlsbad, and many other beach cities. The area is rich in wealth and equestrian communities, and if I was a horse, that’s where I’d like to live, as there is a lot less humidity than in places like Kentucky, near Churchill Downs in Louisville.

It is always exciting there, so much to do and see, and then walk on the beach, watching the sunset and relaxing, well, isn’t that what life’s all about. And who knows maybe you might win enough money to pay for your weekend or multiday vacation getaway, but even if you don’t there are certainly a number of really good deals to be had if you are considering a trip to the race track in Del Mar, CA.

And even if you aren’t into horse racing, you will thoroughly enjoy yourself, how can you not. It’s so much fun, and those horses, OMG are they fast animals, you’ll be completely amazed. Please consider all this.

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