NCAA College Football Spot Play – Indiana vs. Ohio State

NFL broadcaster set to call H.S. football game in N.J.NCAA College Football Spot Play for Nov. 21, 2020 – Indiana vs. Ohio State

The Buckeyes, we know they’re good.  Real good.  But the truth of the matter is that this top college team hasn’t play a decent team yet.  Now, they face a real threat in the surging Indiana Hoosiers.   This team is led by underrated coach Tom Allen, a leader with a strong resume who has brought this team into the national spotlight.  They are coming off a 24-0 win over Michigan St, a game that will give them tremendous confidence coming into this game.  Indiana is solid on both sides of the football, but their defense can be a real key in this game and hold the Buckeyes in check.

This is one of the biggest games in the history of Indiana football and they are getting 20 1/2 points against a team that hasn’t faced a real threat in this abbreviated season?   Take the points with confidence.

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