Tua Tagovailoa’s best NFL fits with these 2 Teams

Tom Brady’s future is the immediate concern in New England, but whether he’s on the roster in 2020 or not, it’s safe to say the Pats could use a quarterback, with Jarrett Stidham failing to make good as a rookie on the promise that he’s shown in practice. Highly sought-after quarterback prospects tend not to fall to their draft position; I wouldn’t expect a prospect like, say, Joe Burrow to still be on the board when the Pats’ turn comes around later in the first round. But Tagovailoa’s injury history might push the Nick Saban acolyte into the range of Saban’s former boss. Should Bill Belichick have a chance to land the quarterback who threw 87 touchdown passes against 11 picks for his good friend, I could see him changing his offense to accommodate Tagovailoa.

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