Your Thoughts on the New Major League Baseball Rules? Is It Working?

A Major League Baseball team in Utah is a terrible ideaOver the past couple of years, attendance at Major League Baseball game games.

The Commissioner of (MLB) Rob Manefrad, addressed the issue by including a pitch clock, banning shifts, and increased the size of the bases starting this year.

Throughout baseball, the biggest change has been the pitces has dropped significantly because of how long the games are and the amount of action during thh clock because pitchers are taking their time between each pitch. Batters also are stepping out of the box often readjusting which has increased the game time significantly.

With the pitch clock, pitchers are given 15 seconds to throw the ball between each pitch and 20 seconds to pitch when there is a player on base. If a player decides to step out of the batter’s box within eight seconds of the clock, it will automatically be a strike. Not only that but when the pitcher doesn’t throw the ball before the clock runs out, it would be a ball toward the batter.

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