When do baseball players get the COVID-19 vaccine?

How MLB will navigate the messy rollout in 2021

Major League Baseball hopes to be able to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to players and staff itself. But with the vaccine rollout already in chaos across the country, it’s not clear if that will be the most efficient distribution method by the time athletes are eligible.

A couple — and soon potentially at least one more — rapidly developed vaccines stand to rescue the country from nearly a year of relative lockdown amid surging coronavirus cases. Eventually, immunization will allow baseball fans to return to stadiums and baseball players to roll back the protocols under which they eked out 60 games last summer. But exactly how and where — not to mention exactly when — young, healthy adults will be able to receive the vaccine is murky.

For the most part, baseball players and the younger team staff will fall into the last cohort to be vaccinated: young, healthy adults who don’t work in health care or essential frontline services. By then, vaccines should be available in the community from several sources including local pharmacies and mass vaccine sites (like the ones that have been announced at Dodger Stadium and Citi Field).

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